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Crystal Beach Real Estate For Sale

We have a brand new listing on the market in Crystal Beach, Fort Erie for you! 4100 Erie Rd is the old Waterworks building just steps from the Ashwood Entrance to the beloved Bay Beach on Lake Erie! Allow me to introduce you to one of the most unique and potentially valuable pieces of land on the Crystal Beach real estate market right now and why it is so.

Crystal Beach is a lakefront community in Fort Erie, Ontario, Canada. As of 2016, it had a population of nearly 9,000 and is named and known for it's crystal clear water on Lake Erie. The beach there is long, clean and beautifully sandy. You can walk out for a long while and Crystal Beach is quickly becoming one of the most sought out beach communities in southern Ontario!

Today we're highlighting our new listing on 4100 Erie Rd in Crystal Beach. This is an 8 bedroom 4-plex right across from the Aswood beach entrance. This is a unique opportunity to own what is likely the closest piece of commercial mixed use zoned real estate you can find to Bay Beach making it a very special opportunity!

Here are 5 reasons you'll want to invest in this piece of Crystal Beach real estate right now...

1 - Own the entire frontage from Cherrywood to Ashwood on Erie Rd

How often is an entire street frontage available for purchase at once?! The means your property is on 3 different roads with major traffic and a fourth if you include the beach access. This also provides options for development and parking that are unique and often issues when planning for building and development of commercial or residential properties in Crystal Beach and Fort Erie

2 - CMU2 Zoning

What the heck does CMU2 Zoning mean in Fort Erie? Well CMU stands for Commercial Mixed Use which allows for many commercial opportunities are aren't typically ever found actually on the Crystal Beach waterfront itself. Commercial zoning allows for the property to built up for sure 3 stories and could be used for commercial main floor and residential condo's above.

3 - Licensed Airbnb in Crystal Beach

The Airbnb market in Crystal Beach has always been hot and is only getting hotter with the limitations being put on Canadians for international travel. Finding an Airbnb in Crystal Beach can be tricky to say the least and demand is extreme through the summer. This 8 bedroom 4-plex as is would be fully licensable and could generate some serious money (x4) for whomever purchases it.

4 - Subdivide and/or Development Potential

With this property being a full main street block at 160 feet wide and 70 feet deep there are options for subdivision into what could be as much as 5 lots. The old Waterworks building that currently sits at 4100 Erie Rd likely takes up at least 2 of these but options are definitely there. Keeping the lot as a whole and developing it to a mid rise mixed use building is also an option and one that the town of Fort Erie would likely welcome with open arms!

5 - The future of Crystal Beach

The Crystal Beach real estate market is quickly starting to elevate. Southern Ontarians seem happy to discover lakefront beach communities that don't route through Toronto like the Muskokas. Crystal Beach is chill, cute, and growing more and more each year. Don't miss the chance to buy this unique property and let your imagination run wild with it!


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